Shine Bright! Divine Plume Sensation Serum + Soul Color Booster Ampoule

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The new Divine Serum Plume Sensation is an ultra-light finisher with sun protection. It reduces unwanted frizz and eliminates split ends, leaving the hair loose, soft, and slightly shaped.


Its main component is coconut oil, lightly offering complete nutrients. Its also rich in nourishing properties, promoting intense shine, and restoring balance to damaged hair.


Place a few drops of Serum Divine Plume Sensation on the palm of your hands. Spread over the length of the hair until absorption is complete. Finish as you wish.


Regular use of the product prevents the formation of split ends.

A highly concentrated ampoule, developed especially for colored hair, immediately promotes hydration, emollience, and antioxidant action — providing greater color durability.

For much longer-lasting colors, shininess, extreme nourishment, and strengthen strands. Braé Hair Care surprises by developing with the highest and most exclusive technology obtained through the synergy of Amla Oil and Vitamin E. Healthy hair immediately, for colored strands for much longer with Soul Color.