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Divine Liquid Keratin Hair Mask 2.02 fl. oz

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Deep hydration in just a few minutes. The new Divine liquid keratin hair mask, with ultra-concentrated technology and a blend of natural oils, such as coconut, avocado, and jojoba, provides hair with the perfect nutrition for silky, shiny and frizz-free hair, without weighing it down.


Coconut oil offers complete nutrients, giving balance to damaged hair.

Jojoba oil with moisturizing properties regulates oiliness and restores the hair.

Avocado oil is highly hydrating, protects the scalp, gives a soft touch, and shine to the hair.

Revitalizing mask for all hair types with liquid keratin and natural oils.


- restores and tightens the structure of the hair, increases smoothness and prevents the cross-section of the ends;

- softens, restores structure, strengthens the roots, reduces frizziness and facilitates combing;

- normalizes the pH-balance of the scalp, nourishes the skin and hair, has a restorative effect, fills with vital energy and promotes hair growth;

- increases the shine of hair;

- prevents hair loss.


  • active hair restoration;
  • reduction in hair breakage;
  • complete elimination of split ends;
  • reducing hair loss;
  • fast hair growth;
  • shiny, healthy hair.


1) Shake before using it.

2) Spray on clean and wet hair, enveloping strand by strand.

3) Leave for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse.

Repair Hair, in Just Minutes

If you encounter a problem with damaged hair, do not delay the treatment. Liquid keratin for comprehensive and quick recovery of natural health, elasticity, and strand shine.


Keratin mask spray for hair reconstruction contains many useful ingredients, whose action is aimed at restoring damaged hair. Divine keratin mask is based on a powerful restoring complex for severely damaged hair. The formula is developed on the basis of liquid keratin and natural oils that restore the structure of the hair. Ultra smoothing treatment contains a complex of jojoba, coconut, and avocado oils, thanks to which the mask restores even the most severe damage to the hair structure.

The complex of nutrients nourishes the hair abundantly and makes them soft and docile. The product protects hair from the negative effects of external factors. The active components of the product penetrate deep into the hair tissue, filling the damaged areas of the hair. The mask acts from the inside as well as on the surface of each hair. The product gives the hair a dazzling shine for a long time.


Divine spray mask gives curls elasticity and firmness, evens out and maintains moisture balance, and reduces the tendency of curls to brittle and weaken. With regular use of liquid keratin per week, the hair becomes shiny, healthy, and strong.

Key Benefits

Repairs hair damages precisely and fills hair fissures
Provides instant results
Restores your hair’s moisture levels
It does not weigh down the hair
Replenishes healthy hair’s natural protective layer

Contains natural oils
The most beneficial everyday option
Hair will be left feeling soft, shiny and smooth

Natural Ingredients

Avocado oil
Moisturizes and nourishes, gives elasticity

Coconut oil
Makes hair smooth and shiny
Jojoba oil
Evens out structural differences between the root part and the ends of the hair, giving the hair a healthy, well-groomed appearance.

How to use

  • Squeeze out the required amount of oil by pressing 1-2 times, depending on the density of your hair.
  • Spread the oil over the entire length of the hair, paying particular attention to the ends.
  • Make the desired styling.
  • Tip: adding a few drops of oil to the care mask, you enhance its effect.

Amazing results!

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