Essential Colored: Essential hair Repair Spray + Soul Color Booster Ampoule

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BRAÉ ESSENTIAL: perfect choice for those looking for a self-care routine in the most practical and versatile way possible! Repairs, moisturizes, protects, rebuilds and gives shine, the way your hair deserves.

Citrus notes, blackberry, apricot an25,99d the scent of flowers. The result of this combination of aromas in Essential is a delicious sensation!

BRAÉ ESSENTIAL has in its composition the most desired active of the moment: HYALURONIC ACID. Recognized for its many benefits and versatility, one of the advantages of using it in your hair care routine is to bring a high level of hydration to the strands that will help in retaining and fixing moisture in the hair fiber, conserving its softness, elasticity. and compensating for the negative effects caused by the Sun.

A highly concentrated ampoule, developed especially for colored hair, immediately promotes hydration, emollience, and antioxidant action — providing greater color durability.

For much longer-lasting colors, shininess, extreme nourishment, and strengthen strands. Braé Hair Care surprises by developing with the highest and most exclusive technology obtained through the synergy of Amla Oil and Vitamin E. Healthy hair immediately, for colored strands for much longer with Soul Color.

Essential Hair Repair Spray 260ml, Soul Color Booster Ampoule 0.5 fl.oz