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Revival Immediate Reconstruction Conditioner 8.33 fl. oz

Revival Immediate Reconstruction Conditioner 8.33 fl. oz

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Revival Collection

The line for home care is specially designed to restore severely damaged and weakened hair. The innovative formula includes a mixture of vitamins that carefully restore the structure of the most damaged areas, making hair stronger and healthier.


Wheat Germ Protein

Wheat germ protein helps restore the protein layer of damaged hair, gives shape and volume.


Reduces porosity and brittleness of the hair, smoothing the flakes of the cuticle layer. Your hair becomes soft, strong, silky, and elastic.


Penetrating the hair structure from roots to ends, it moisturizes, restores and protects hair, improves its elasticity and flexibility. Eliminates damage resulting from stains, curls and other chemical and mechanical procedures. Does not weigh down hair.


Rich in polysaccharides, vitamins and amino acids. Act as natural moisturizers. They are responsible for the nutrition and preservation of natural moisture in the hair. Provide silkiness and shine.


Apply conditioner starting at the tips. Gently distribute it through the hair, paying attention to each strand.

Leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse your hair. For best results, use in combination with Revival Gorgeous Shine Oil.