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Casual hairstyles for medium length hair

Medium-length hair (10-20 cm, shoulder-length) is perfect for creating a wide variety of modern, beautiful, and elegant hairstyles.
Medium-length hair is comfortable. It’s not difficult to look beautiful with such hair length every day, as it allows you to try a lot of options for styling. The main thing is that such hair is healthy and shiny. Don’t forget about a hair treatment mask for damaged hair such as a Braé liquid keratin hair mask!
Here are the several options of hairstyles for medium length hair
1 Beach waves
Complicated hairstyles requiring a ton of hair gel or hair spray are a matter of the past (luckily). The hairstyle of modern beauty should look natural and effortless as if you spent no more than 10 minutes creating it. Just use a wide curler and your beach wave hairstyle is complete. The main thing is not to hold the curler for more than a minute on each strand, otherwise, the lock will look very dramatic and not natural.
2 Casual bob
Bob is one of the most popular haircuts for medium hair. However, if you don't want to get a haircut, but need to look your best, a professional hairstylist can either offer you the super trendy elongated bob or even fake bob! Yes, you can imitate this hairstyle by styling your hair in a side parting and making up casual curls, fixing them with hair mousse or hair wax.
Glam rock
Those who have thick and voluminous hair can try quite a simple but gorgeous hairstyle with a wet effect and slicked-back hair with no parting. In order to make the hairstyle look more modern, the hair in the temple area can be smoothly fixed with hairspray.

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