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Celebrity Haircare Secrets

We bet that at least for once in your life you envied the luxurious hair that Hollywood celebrities have. If after reading this you sadly sighed and thought about millions of dollars on their bank accounts, then we have written this article just in time! Keep on reading and find out some celebrity hair care secrets!
Jennifer Aniston: Don't brush your wet hair.
As Jen herself admits, she prefers to care for her hair, while not spending much money. The first and foremost rule for an actress is not to comb wet hair! When hair is wet, it is more elastic and vulnerable to damages. Brush bristles can pull out and break the hair, thus, it becomes thinner. Therefore, it is worth waiting for the curls to fully dry and only then gently comb them, starting the procedure from the hair ends.
Rihanna: try aroma combing
The secret of the pop diva is constant hair hydration. Hair spa treatments are not only useful but also pleasant. If there is not enough time for the whole range of spa hair treatments, you should spend just a few minutes on aroma combing. A little amount of the nutritious oil is applied to an ordinary wooden comb (burdock oil is most frequently used), and then the hair is simply combed. Such a simple ritual gives strands additional softness and shine, and at the same time nourishes them well.
Nina Dobrev: don’t use the hairdryer and curling iron
As the actress herself admits, hair care is very important for her. She gave up using a hairdryer and a hair styler. Nina doesn’t use any styling devices that use extreme heat. Of course, sometimes she has to make some exceptions on set, which is why Nina has many more secrets than this one simple rule. She washes her hair no more than 3 times a week because this procedure is also stressful for the hair. Besides, she always uses a keratin hair rinser and a Moroccan oil mask every time she washes her hair.