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How to choose the right hairstylist for your first blond hair dyeing?

Did you decide to go blonde? Well, congratulations! That’s the right choice. Blonde hair color refreshes the whole look and makes a woman look younger. However, many women wonder how to choose the right hairstylist for their first blond hair dyeing. Read this article and find everything out!
First of all, before choosing a hairstylist, remember that if you do any Brazilian treatment (either keratin straightening or hair botox) in order to improve the beauty of your hair, do this procedure at least 2 weeks before any hair dyeing or bleaching.
Now let’s move on to the hairstylist. There are several factors which you should consider while choosing the right hairstylist:
- Professional skills of hairstylist. The more experienced he is, the better.
- Ability to work with blond shades. That’s funny but not all of the hairstylists know how the techniques of blonde hair dyeing.
- Presence of pictures of works performed by the hairstylist. If you know what you want, choose your stylist according to the pics of his works. That’s the simplest way not to make a mistake a make the right decision!
- Ability to give post-dyeing recommendations. Dyed and bleached hair is extremely vulnerable to all types of damages. A real professional knows the way of minimizing damage risks, thus, he can recommend some products for home hair care.

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