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How to keep blonde hair bright?

Blonde hair color always looks gorgeous but it’s pretty hard to maintain it and make it look bright some time later after you visited a hair salon. In this article, we prepared for you the best tricks on how to keep your blonde hair color bright! Keep on reading!
Don’t rush to the bathroom in order to wash your hair immediately after visiting the colorist, it is better to wait two or even three days. This will help the color to settle in your hair. If you neglect this rule, the luxurious shade will wash away much faster.
Dry and damaged hair needs deep restoration and nutrition, however, such procedures are not suitable for freshly dyes strands. Oily and rich textures promote the washout of the hair color, so the best things you can do in terms of intensive hair care the first time after visiting the hair salon are masks with antioxidant, protective, moisturizing, and toning functions.
Carefully check the condition of your blonde hair every week. If you noticed that your blonde hair color turns yellow or brassy, we recommend you trying Bond Angel Matizador Shampoo and blonde Balance System Conditioner. These Bond Angel Toners have unique formulas that carefully treat your hair while neutralizing yellow hair subtones. These products provide heat protection and daily care for a beautiful and healthy blonde.

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