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Red Hair After Hair Dyeing: How to Avoid and Prevent

Red hair as a result of bad hair dyeing: are your surprised? Of course, every woman knows that the appearance of yellow or orange undertones after hair bleaching isn’t news, but what about red? Meanwhile, unexpected red shades can appear as well! How can you avoid it and why does it happen? Keep on reading and find it out!
Of course, there are different types of hair. It’s quite difficult to make African-American and oriental hair even three tones lighter without damaging the hair structure itself. For example, the hair of Asians is so thick and dense that it‘s impossible to bleach it white without destroying almost all keratin containing in it. Very dark hair is a priori warm in color, and red or orange pigment will appear if the hair dyeing was performed with the wrong shade of hair dye.
Besides, a red shade can appear if you dye your hair with regular dye from the supermarket and don’t know what the numbers on the package mean. The shade that you get on your hair often differs from the color stated on the hair dye packaging. Some of them have hidden red pigments, for example. They may be invisible in normal light but will shine and show themselves in the sun.
How can you avoid getting red hair?
We hope you haven't had time to dye your hair and get a result with red pigment yet. The choice of hair dye should be made with knowledge of the matter: pay attention to the second number - it means which color pigment is added to the main tone. If you don’t want to get a reddish shade, then you have to avoid the following numbers: 4 - red (copper pigment), 5 - mahogany (red-violet pigment), 7 - Havana (red-brown pigment).
Of course, remember that heat-damaged hair should be treated in advance in order for you to get the beautiful and even hair color. You can perform a hair care treatment at home, for example, liquid hair treatment, to get an amazing result!

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