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What kind of haircare does bleached hair need?

Dying your hair in blonde color, especially bleaching it before is always a very exciting process. However, blonde hair needs extra care for the luxurious hair color to last longer. Read this article in order to find out what haircare you will need if you decided to rock blonde this year!
1. Bond Angel Shampoo and Conditioner
In order for your blonde hair color not to turn yellow or brassy, we recommend you trying Bond Angel Matizador Shampoo and Blonde Balance System Conditioner. These Bond Angel Toners have unique formulas that carefully treat your hair while neutralizing yellow hair subtones. These products provide heat protection and daily care for a beautiful and healthy blonde.
2. Bond Angel Treatment Professional Kit.
If you constantly dye and bleach your hair or do any other chemical treatments, then we recommend you try the whole Bond Angel product line, including Bond Maker, Bond Reconstructor, and Bond Fortifier. Bond Angel provides deep hydration, makes your hair shiny, and prevents hair bonds from damaging thus protecting them from the negative impact of various chemicals. Coconut oil extract nourishes your hair. We know that lots of women nowadays dye and bleach their hair, so using Bond Angel will allow them to protect their hair during any chemical procedure!
3. Revival Hair Mask.
After the hair dyeing, we recommend trying Braé Revival Deep Recovery Hair Mask. The composition includes active ingredients that regenerate hair fibers and create a protective layer on the strands, thereby retaining moisture and carefully protecting the hair. You can use it together with the Braé Revival Treatment Salon set. The set includes a shampoo and a conditioner for the best post-dyeing hair care.

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