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Why should you use Bond Fortifier?

Bond Angel is a three-step system.

Step 1 Bond Maker and Step 2 Bond Reconstructor are applied to protect your hair and dramatically reduce the amount of damage it can receive in the process of obtaining any hairdressing services.

Step 3 Bond Fortifier is required to ensure that your hair is protected against daily damages, for instance, thermal or mechanical styling. To prevent hair damage, it should be used regularly.

The hair treated with Bond Angel is still prone to damage the same way as the healthy hair. If you use chemical, thermal, and mechanical hair styling products, it may be damaged again. Bond Fortifier Step 3 was created to protect your hair between the hairstyle sessions.

Step 3 Bond Fortifier was created to meet customers’ demand, and especially for home use.

Apply to your towel-dried still-wet hair. If your hair contains any dirt like residues of oils or silicones, you should first wash it with shampoo.

Leave the product for 10 min. The longer you keep it on your hair, the more effect Bond Fortifier will have on it.

Wash it off with shampoo, hair conditioner, or any other conditioning product.

Step 3 Bond Fortifier is not a hair conditioner, mask, or leave-in product. It must be washed off with shampoo and water.

The minimum time necessary to treat your hair is 10 min. If your hair is damaged, we recommend that you leave the product for 20 min or more.

Use once per week on healthy hair. If your hair is seriously damaged, you should use the product 2-3 times per week and combine the procedures with protein and moisture treatment.