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3 mistakes most salons make regarding their customers

It seems that salon owners should know all nuances of the salon business even before opening their first beauty salon. However, even experienced entrepreneurs sometimes make the mistakes which we will describe in this article. Keep on reading!

Mistake #1. Not measuring customer return.

Most beauty salons do not account for customer return at all.

Returnability is a basic indicator that determines the level of work, quality of service of your salon. It also determines the quality of your stylists’ work. If, for example, they perform treatment for weakened hair or hair smoothing and straightening treatment well, then the clients will return for the new procedures.

Neither the tip nor the satisfied expression on the client's face speaks about the quality of your service as the frequency of the customers’ return. A really satisfied customer will come again.

Mistake #2. No customer accounting system

Some owners of beauty salons and even receptionists don’t maintain a customer registration system. Everything is written on random sheets or journals which can be accidentally thrown away. As a result, all necessary data disappears. A customer accounting system is not a whim, but a necessity.

Always take into account when and what time the client arrives, when was the last time he visited the salon, what procedure he had. The more data you collect about your customers, the better.

Basic customer data:

- name;
- phone number;
- birthday date;
- the last time he visited salon;
- the procedure he had.

Mistake #3. One format of work with all clients

We noticed that many salons work in the same format with all clients. They offer monthly promotions, or a bonus system, or both, but nothing more…

You need to understand that the client base is diverse: there are VIP clients, there are those who prefer only one type of service, for example, hair smoothing and straightening treatment, there are those who only choose cheap services, and so on. Using only one format of working with clients, you are losing money. Customers simply may not hear you, so it's worth coming in from different directions in order to make them return.