our ambassadors

It is a team composed of renowned professionals, in which our ambassadors create, test, approve and sign products of the highest quality and performance. All based on their endless passion for haircare,while focusing all the attention on you.


Nick Panasenko

Nick Panasenko, a talented Ukrainian hair stylist in New York with over 5 years of experience in the industry. Known for his professionalism and unique style, Nick has a passion for creating stunning hair transformations that leave his clients feeling confident and beautiful. With a warm and friendly approach, Nick creates a welcoming environment for his clients to relax and enjoy the hair styling process. His creativity and attention to detail ensure that each client receives a personalized and unforgettable experience. Nick Panasenko is not just a hair stylist, he’s a dedicated artist who genuinely cares about making his clients look and feel their best.



Sérgio Corrêa

Sérgio Corrêa, Brazilian Hairdresser who has been working for over 20 years, creating iconic hair for his clients around the world. Colorist and creator of stunning natural and blonde hair techniques, Sérgio has multiple skills in making his clients smile at the end of the service.



Gustavo Cirino

At 16, Gustavo Cirino began his career in Belo Horizonte as an assistant in his aunt's salon, finding inspiration in hair styling. With 12+ years' experience as a skilled hairdresser and entrepreneur, he specializes in hair coloring and cutting-edge hairstyles for fashion, entertainment, and music. His exceptional communication skills make him an excellent mentor, contributing to hairdressers' professional growth in Brazil and worldwide.



Rogério Aquino

Rogério Aquino, Brazilian hairdresser for more than 19 years transforming lives through hair. With expertise in cutting, colorimetry and blonde. Always developing unique and personalized hair. And at this time in the area of beauty he has a phrase that motivates him every day to do what he does that is: IT IS NOT ABOUT HAIR BUT ABOUT PEOPLE ...



Leo Hrabko

Leo Hrabko is an experienced professional with over 10 years in the hairstyling industry. Based in New York, Leo is renowned for creating the most sought-after coloring techniques. Collaborating with leading global fashion publications, he brings unique and stylish hair transformations to life.




Those who encounter Suellen in her daily life, always busy between one client and the next at @rom.concept, it’s hard to imagine that this talented hairstylist is a former model with an international
career, but she has in her DNA the love of Beauty, because her parents are hairdressers! Next to @romeufelipe, her greatest inspiration, she learned a manifold of techniques to take advantage of her immense sensibility, after working as a make-up artist, assistant, colorist, attaining professional status.



Philipe Douglas

A chemistry technician, Philipe Douglas studied French in Switzerland. In that country, he decided to graduate as a coiffeur from Académie de Coiffure de Genève, where he became a professional. He continued to live in Geneva, acquiring international experience until new opportunities arose in São Paulo, working with names like Marco Antônio de Biaggi and Eron Araújo.
Today, he is a partner at the Salon Coiffure in Geneva and the contemporary AP by Philipe Douglas in São Paulo, sharing his time between both cities.



Alex Moraes

Alex Moraes started his career as an assistant,
then he gradually followed the biggest hairstylists, in salons like Jacques Janine, Studio W, Marcos Proença, Juha Antero, and MG Hair Design. Our ambassador has pure experience and talent, combined with a piece of unique knowledge in hair cutting, color, and chemicals. And this is how he is conquering his project, the salon that will inaugurate soon at Jardim Europa, São Paulo.



Márcio Oliveira

15 years ago, Márcio Oliveira left the interior of Minas Gerais to start a promising career as a hairdresser and colorist.
Always inspired by beauty, he specialized in the art of female haircuts, combining technique with his natural ability. Always focused, he conquered the deserved recognition and prestige in each achievement, and today puts all his knowledge and talent into practice in his salon in Belo Horizonte.



Chris Rodrigues

Chris Rodrigues has been a hairdresser for 18 years. Renowned and an authority in mega hair, with stints in Paris and Los Angeles, he divides his time between the courses he manages inside and outside Brazil and his salon at Jardins, the Casa Chris Rodrigues.



João Bosco

João Bosco’s clear-cut talent began to emerge at the age of 16. His dedication to the study of visages, combined with his stints in renowned salons, allowed him to catapult his career. Fashion publications and an international professional trajectory, in cities such as London, Paris, New York, and Berlin, made him one of the most prestigious professionals, besides being a partner of the acclaimed 1838.



Bruna Grigoriadis

Bruna Grigoriadis Orphao, better known as Bruna Griphao , is a Brazilian actress, daughter of Paulo Kakau Orphao and Barbara Foufoula Grigoriadis. She was born in Rio de Janeiro and currently lives in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. The actress is of Greek descent, is a Pisces and a fitness influencer .



Lorena Improta

Lorena Improta is a Brazilian, Sotepolitan and Virgo dancer. She is the daughter of civil servant Xico Nunes and Lia Improta. Lore gained notoriety when she participated in the competition to choose the new dancer of “Domingão do Faustão” in 2015.



Thaeme Mariôto

Thaeme Mariôto is a Brazilian pop singer and songwriter. She rose to fame after winning the second season of the reality television show Ídolos Brazil. After Idolos, she enjoyed a solo career, prior to joining the sertanejo duo Thaeme & Thiago alongside Thiago