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Hair lightening 

 With the power of transformation, maintaining the integrity of the hair's health. Wanna Be Blond bleaching powder bleaches up to 9 tones, working harmoniously with Wanna Be Blond oxidizer to create majestic tones with supreme fiber preservation and radiant luminosity.

Hair protection

Bond Angel brings a revolutionary new formula that allows you to reach the desired tone in a safe and healthy way. A dream can now be realized all at once, with all the safety and health that your hair and you deserve. Protect hair from exposure to temperatures, and make them healthy and beautiful.

Hair restoration

Instant emollient, moisturizing and repairing action leaves hair soft, frizz-free, revitalized and with intense shine. Power dose ampoule has three times more ultra-concentrated fast-acting actives. In minutes a new hair.Instant fortifying, repairing, antioxidant and moisturizing action for sensitized and dull hair.

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A team of renowned professionals, our ambassadors create, test, approve and sign products of the highest quality and performance. With all your passion for haircare, and with all the care for you.

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