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A New Business Model for A New Normal

Unfortunately, COVID-19 isn’t over yet and we have to confess that it became our new normal. The pandemic has made many industries quickly shift their business models in order to survive.
The salon is based on the salon owner and service provider. Some salons are commission-based and some are team-based. However, this has changed when we have stepped into the world of the internet, as it has changed many consumer habits and urged salon owners to seek new marketing solutions. Over the last 10 years, both salon suites and consumer online buying are quickly developing, attracting more and more clients. As a result, the profitability of most salons has dropped.
Some salon owners decided to change their business model and started providing additional services and retail. As the pandemic will be over, those salons will have all the chances to successfully develop, as their business model allows them to achieve good margins and high profitability.
Nowadays lots of salon owners are moving away from commission salons and start their own independent businesses. However, it’s not that easy at all. Most of them don’t have any business background, they only have little marketing knowledge and a lack of money. As a result, lots of such salon owners don’t succeed.

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