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Frosted hair is the coolest way to do highlights right now

What are your associations with frost? We bet you say that it’s a time of the year when it’s super cold outside. We’re sure that you’ll be surprised when you hear that in the hair dyeing sphere it means the most popular way of creating highlights right now. Are you interested and excited yet? Keep on reading this article then!
First of all, don’t confuse frosted tips with frosted hair. Frosted tips are the very ends of your hair dipped into the bleach. Frosted hair is a complex hair dyeing which means the scattering of contrasting highlights on long hair strands. These strands are usually blonde with ash, platinum, or beige hues. Such hair dyeing always looks very refreshing yet natural, being one of the newest hair dyeing trends.
Frosted hair may seem to be just another variation of highlights but in fact, there are several differences. Blonde highlights are usually aimed at creating a soft, seamless transition between the natural base and dyed strands while hair frosting is all about achieving a stronger contrast between the locks and the base.
Despite the fact the frosted hair usually presupposes blonde shades, you are free to experiment! You can add frosting to brown hair, ensuring that you have a cool-toned base! Create contrast by lifting frosted strands to a level eight or nine, don’t forget to leave a gap between each foil, so brunette strands can be seen peeking through!

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