How to improve the quality of the client’s hair after hair dyeing?

As a professional hairstylist, you know that any client wants to have a nice hair color without damaging hair. Luckily, in many cases, that’s pretty feasible. However, when it comes to blondes, you will need special protection in order to keep your client’s hair as healthy as possible. Hair dyes and bleaches can be very aggressive and that’s especially dangerous for thin blonde hair. How can you improve the quality of the client’s hair after hair dyeing? Keep on reading and find it out! 
Strong hair usually isn’t damaged during hair dyeing. Unfortunately, blonde hair is pretty often thin and brittle because of the multiple hair dyeings. First of all, you can use Braé Bond Angel in order to protect hair during dyeing. Bond Angel is restructuring weak hair in order to protect it from brittleness and damages during the chemical treatments. It’s compatible with all hair dyes and hair dyeing techniques. Besides, it can be used separately as a special hair reviving treatment.
After the hair dyeing, we recommend trying Braé Revival Deep Recovery Hair Mask. The composition includes active ingredients that regenerate hair fibers and create a protective layer on the strands, thereby retaining moisture and carefully protecting the hair. You can use it together with the Braé Revival Treatment Salon set. The set includes a shampoo and a conditioner for the best post-dyeing hair care.

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