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How to Make Blonde Hair Color Last

Blonde is a synonym of Hollywood and luxury. Remember such divas like Marylin Monroe, Grace Kelly, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson... Of course, all of them had and have a gorgeous blonde hair color! How can you make your blonde color last longer without visiting a hair salon way too often? Keep on reading to find it out!
Home hair care starts with a shampoo: it should be created exclusively for blonde hair. Many women don’t use the conditioner for blonde hair, but this is a mistake. Moisturizing is what dyed hair needs most. Dry and porous hair is often the #1 problem for blondes. Thus, we recommend you trying Bond Angel Blonde Treatment Shampoo and pH Treatment. These products have unique formulas that effectively act on bleached hair strands to neutralize the nasty yellow shade.
Toning products in the form of shampoos, balms, and masks for blonde hair care with purple and blue pigments will help to maintain the proper hair color. Most products for blonde hair care are best used only once or twice a week. Exposure time is usually 3-15 minutes. The lighter the blond, the less time it takes.
Use our recommendations for the best blonde hair color of your dreams! However, don’t forget to regularly visit a professional hairstylist!

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