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How to Prevent Color Fade from Heat Damage

As many colorists say, even the brightest hair color isn’t popping until the hair is properly styled, and that’s a matter of fact! However, extreme heat damage leads to color fading. How can you prevent it? Keep on reading and find it out!
First of all, use the right tools. It will truly help you to preserve the quality and color of your hair while achieving the best styling results. Dyson Supersonic hair dryer features intelligent heat control. It transmits all the instructions that you give to it right to the heating element in order to timely regulate the temperature. The Intelligent Heat Control ensures that the Supersonic Pro doesn’t exceed 293°F. The higher temperature can damage your hair!
Tips on safe hairstyling:
- Don’t try to brush your wet hair properly. Rough dry the hair approximately 80%. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time on brushing.
- Use a special smoothing nozzle for rough drying. It will prevent hair from frizzing and being blown all over the place, which sometimes can be annoying both for a client and a hairstylist, as he has to constantly brush it back.
- After the rough dry, attach the professional concentrator nozzle to your hairdryer and start drying the client’s hair in the front. The front is what the client sees first, so you will make him more comfortable if you blow-dry this area first and don’t leave him sitting with wet hair around his face for too long. Besides, if the client has baby hairs, this ensures that you style them and make them neat before they get unruly.
- Don’t forget to point your concentrator nozzle down in order for it to blow smoothly right down the hair, and never against it to make sure you’re not damaging the hair cuticle.

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