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How to prevent hair from turning yellow with Braé Wanna Be Blonde

Blonde is a synonym of Hollywood and luxury. Remember such divas like Marylin Monroe, Grace Kelly, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson... Of course, all of them had or have a gorgeous blonde hair color! How can you make your blonde color last longer without it turning yellow? If you use Wanna Be Blonde by Braé for hair dyeing, it’s easy! Keep on reading and learn some useful information about this amazing product line!
There are two products in Wanna Be Blonde product line that will help you to safely become blonde. Wanna Be Blond bleaching powder allows you to obtain the desired consistency for any hair dyeing technique. This product is suitable for creating all shades of blonde! Besides, it makes your hair super shiny without damaging it. Wanna Be Blond, a dust-free bleach powder, that allows you to get a clear, light tone with up to nine lightening levels.
The next product is the oxidant. There are 3%, 6%, and 9% oxidants which should be chosen according to your natural hair color and desired result. Wanna Be Blond Shiny-Blond Developer Oxidant contains active collagen and saturated nutritious oils, evenly and deeply penetrating in the hair structure. As a result, you will get amazing shiny blonde without any damage to your hair!

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