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How to Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales and Make Up for 2020 losses

We can’t but agree that COVID-19 is still affecting the work and profit of many salons across the globe. 2021 holiday season is super important for each salon owner as a chance to increase profit and make up for all 2020 losses.
Many retailers consider holidays to be the 13th month of profit. In order to boost your sales, you have to choose the right strategy. 2020 was an extremely hard year, so each salon owner should turning Christmas holidays into a profit recovery their #1 goal to be achieved in early 2021!
Make sure you stocked up with all the Christmas and New Year essentials for the holiday. Remember that many people, especially men, are always there for last-minute gift purchases. Statistics show the same: 56% of shoppers usually buy their last gift between December 18 and Christmas. 
Mind the most popular gifts. Overall, 59% of people tend to buy gift cards. Women prefer gift cards more than any other gift - 67% of ladies voted for such a gift. 25% of women would like to receive luxury treatment combo. On average, it means that they are ready to spend approximately $205 at the salon. Teenagers and young ladies prefer receiving personal care treatments as a gift as well.
Remember that people are extremely tired this year. They don’t want to visit big shopping malls or super busy shops for gifts. They are likely to spend money in boutiques and shops where they can buy several gifts at the same time. Make your salon such a place sing you’ll immediately see the results!

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