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How to reduce your advertising budget without compromising the ads’ effectiveness?

During difficult situations, such as now, many organizations panic and begin to cut down their advertising costs. This leads to the fact that the business survives for a while only at the expense of the current customer base. This approach will help you to stay afloat for some time, but not in the long term because there will be no influx of new customers.
As a result, the company will simply give way to competitors who have not stopped advertising.
First of all, you should start with the main thing: with the question: “What are we advertising?”
First, analyze how much your offers are in demand - do a competitive analysis, talk to your target audience. If the product is not competitive, then advertising will not help maintain sales. Even blond shampoo and conditioner may become unpopular if not advertised.
Second question: “For whom do we sell it?”
Segment your customers. Let's not talk about traditional segmentation, which is necessary at any time, whether there is a crisis or not. However, at the very moment when it is necessary to optimize the advertising budget, it is important to literally eliminate clients, the efficiency of work with which is very low. They often take a lot of our time from the stylists, but the income from them is minimal.