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How to remove yellow, orange, and brassy tones

5 tips on how to maintain your hair color
Nasty yellow hair is the #1 problem of blondes. Unfortunately, every shade of blonde turns yellow with time. Of course, not every woman has an opportunity to visit a hair salon every 3-4 weeks for a professional hairstylist to take care of her hair color. What are the best hair products and at-home treatments that will make your platinum hair last longer? Keep on reading and find it out!
1. Choose the right shampoo. Home hair care is very important, especially when it comes to blondes. Your shampoo should be created exclusively for blonde hair.
2. Use a hair conditioner after each hair wash. Many women don’t use hair conditioner, but this is a big mistake. Moisturizing is what dyed blonde hair needs the most.
3. Use violet shampoo for blonde hair. As a rule, you have to use it every week or two in order to avoid nasty brassy shades.
4. Ask your hairstylist to recommend you a nourishing hair mask. It will not just deeply moisturize your hair but prevent your hair color from washing off.
5. Choose only professional hair care product lines. We know that plenty of women use regular shampoos, balms, conditioners that can be bought in every supermarket. However, that’s wrong. Cheap hair care products don’t contain ingredients that are necessary for hair color maintenance. Try Braé Bond Angel Blonde Treatment Shampoo and pH Treatment. These products have unique formulas that effectively act on bleached hair strands neutralizing the nasty yellow shade and helping you to maintain your hair color longer! One more Bond Angel Blonde treatment advantage is that it will make your hair soft and smooth!

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