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How to restore damaged hair

Nowadays there is almost no woman who has absolutely healthy hair. The hair of many women is damaged by either heat exposure or chemical hair dyes. Lots of women find themselves in situations when their hair is ruined and they didn’t even notice that! How can you repair your thin and weakened hair if all the above-mentioned refer to you? Check out this article!

During the hair restoration period, it is important to pay maximum attention to the hydration and nutrition of hair. Try the best hair treatments for damaged hair. Choose the right products, like blond shampoo and conditioner or liquid keratin hair mask, and apply these products every day. Even though most hair masks have a specified exposure time of fewer than five minutes, it’s better to apply the product for a few hours or even for a whole night. Of course, after each hair wash, you should use a conditioner to smooth out the hair cuticles after cleansing.

Avoid using a hairdryer or hair styler. Leave styling until better times: dry your hair naturally in order to allow it to recover faster.

Don’t apply hair styling products. Mousses, gels, and hairsprays slightly dry the hair. Experts recommend leaving styling products until better times, replacing them with restorative sprays and nourishing oils.

Don’t dye your hair even using the most gentle hair dyes. Give it some time in order to fully restore. 

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