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Is natural coconut really useful for the hair?

Natural coconut oil is a healthy and natural product that, if constantly used, will transform hair that needs special care. Thanks to its high content of fatty acids, coconut oil helps to restore the hair surface, giving it a healthy shine. Coconut oil for hair can be used as a mask, a conditioner, or a leave-in treatment. Even professional hairstylists use coconut, jojoba, and avocado oils in their luxurious hair treatments.
Coconut oil is produced by hot or cold pressing of coconut pith. Many manufacturers are producing different hair oils, but you can also make the oil at home. When buying, pay attention to oil pressing. The virgin coconut oil is considered to be of the highest quality. Coconut oil combines the properties of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, that’s why it can be solid when cold, and liquid and clear when warm or hot.
Vitamins and acids
Coconut oil contains a large amount of useful fatty acids: lauric, which has an antibacterial and seboregulatory effect, myristic, which nourishes and restores the hair structure, palmitic, which retains moisture, oleic, which improves the protective functions of the hair and scalp, as well as linoleic and linolenic acids which are essential fatty acids maintaining the barrier function of the scalp and hair.
Hair strengthening
Coconut oil nourishes the hair follicles, which prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.
Structure restoration
Our hair experiments among which there are curling, dyeing, straightening and all kinds of styling deprive the hair of moisture and creatine, weakening the hair from the inside. Coconut oil helps restore hair by sealing in moisture, making hair silky and shiny again.

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