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Sales funnel in the beauty salon

Have you ever heard of a sales funnel?
A sales funnel is a marketing model that describes the prospective customer's “journey” from the first acquaintance with an offer or product to a real purchase.
Here are the sales funnel levels:
The first and broadest level of the funnel is the number of interested or potential clients. These are the people who called or came to your salon, that is, showed interest.
This is the result of your advertisements, billboards, maps of the shopping area when they come to your salon by accident just passing by. These are those who saw the advertising in newspapers, on buses, or who have examined and used the flyers that your promoters are distributing. An engaged customer is the first level of the funnel.
The second level is the new customers. There are fewer of them than interested or potential ones. Some of those who were interested in your salon and came in or called, eventually won’t buy anything and will just leave your salon. That’s fine, these are inevitable losses. Not everyone who calls you or visits you becomes your loyal customer.
The third level is returning customers. These are those who, having already once used the services of your salon, came for the second time. At this stage, you also lose part of your customers as not all customers who visited your salon once will come back again. It’s absolutely fine.
The fourth level is regular customers. These are those who have visited your salon three to four times or more. If a person comes to a specialist three or four times, he can already be considered a regular customer.

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