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The Best Hair Scrubs for Sensitive Scalp

Nowadays scalp scrub isn’t an option but a must: many women live in big cities, so for their natural hair to stay beautiful and healthy, they have to use scrubs in order to remove the dead cells and impurities from the scalp. What are the best hair scrubs? Check out this article!

1. Kiehl’s scrub for scalp cleansing. It’s a soft scrub with a thick but smooth texture and fine exfoliating particles from apricot seed and argan nutshells. The scrub gently cools the skin thanks to menthol and is suitable for oily skin. Besides, this product contains rosemary oil.

2. The Body Shop shampoo-scrub. Shampoo with scrubbing particles from The Body Shop is packaged in a convenient jar. It is based on sencha tea extract, sea salt, honey, and menthol. The product cools and gently cleanses the scalp. After use, simply apply conditioner to your hair and rinse.

3. Davines Detoxifying Shampoo Scrub. The two-in-one product is suitable for people who have quite a sensitive scalp skin and weakened hair. This scrub is more like a shampoo with exfoliating particles: the granules are small and almost invisible during hair wash. The creators of this product claim that it has an amazing healing effect, so the main components of the shampoo scrub are soothing and stimulating hair growth essential oils, moisturizing microcapsules of jojoba oil, and antioxidant artichoke extract.