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Thin hair: useful hair care tips that will come in handy

Most often the owners of blonde hair who are classified as northern type of appearance say that they have thin hair. However, brunettes also often claim that their hair becomes thinner and weaker. How can you make your hair thicker and denser? Check out this article and find out the most useful tips!

It’s very important to properly wash thin hair. Firstly, because even a little grease or hair oil deprives it of much needed volume. Secondly, washing with the right hair care products can strengthen thin hair and make it visually denser and thicker.

Choose shampoos containing liquid keratin, provitamin B5, algae extracts, and plant silicones. Avoid products with harsh surfactants and the classic silicones dimethicone and siloxane, which make the hair heavy. Your task is to clean your natural hair but not make it heavier. By the way, don’t forget about hydration treatment for hair as well as about liquid keratin hair mask.

Choose only high-quality haircare products. For example, try the Braé hair treatment series. All the Braé Divine products were created from a blend of vegetable extracts, coconut water, and coconut oil, specially selected to protect the hair against humidity, leaving it intensely silky. Braé will repair damaged hair making it lively and shiny again!

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