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Tips for Making New Clients Repeat Customers!

Are you excited about the new clients? We’re sure you are! A salon owner can’t be happier when he sees a new client that can potentially become a loyal repeat salon customer! How can you turn a newcomer into your clientele? Check out this article!
1. Be welcoming. Provide your clients with some tasty tea or coffee (champagne is a good idea too!), fresh magazines and TV. Arrange a comfortable lounge zone.
2. Pay attention to your stylists. They should be very helpful. Make sure that they can give the right recommendations.
3. Liquid keratin hair mask, anti-frizz shampoo, shine oil spray... Rearrange your retail area! Zone it out and place products according to the problems that they solve.
4. Encourage your clients to bring their friends and relatives for a procedure. You can make a nice 25% for your best treatments for damaged hair for each person brought to your salon by your client!
5. Segment your e-mail list. Yes, e-mail lists still exist and if you don’t have one, we recommend you immediately start working on it! Instead of sending all of your clients the same information, learn their interests and preferences, make several groups, and prepare individual newsletters for each group!

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