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Top-10 2021 trendy hairstyles for blondes

Blondes have more fun they say! Well, we can say that it’s true because girls and women with blonde hair love different hair experiments, especially when it comes to trendy hairstyles. What are the hottest hairstyles of 2021 that will suit any blonde? Let’s find it out in this article, keep on reading!
- Short haircuts. Bob, elongated bob, cascade - these are the trendiest blonde hairstyle options. Don’t be afraid to experiment, especially if you have quite thin hair as this type of hair can be very voluminous when styled. If you are an icy blonde then this option will look good on you!
- Middle length hairdos. Braids, braids, braids! It’s the trendiest hairstyle option for blondes with long hair. French braid, fishbone braid, classic braid... You are limited only to your fantasy!
- Long hairdos. In 2021 designers offer us a great variety of ponytails. The trendiest ponytails for blonde are voluminous, a little bit messy, and not very high. However, romantic low ponytails are popular too. This hairdo will look awesome if you have wavy or curly hair of deep honey or wheat color.
There are many trendy blonde hairstyles but remember that you should always choose the one that suits you and your unique style! Besides, don’t forget that hair bleach and aggressive hair dyes damage your hair, thus choose smoothing protective treatment while dyeing, for example, Braé Bond Angel!

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