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Top 8 tips to become a super stylist!

Of course, every hairstylist wants to improve his skills and become the best version of himself in terms of professional qualities. In this article, we will give you 10 useful tips on how to become a real pro, keep on reading!
1. Be clear. That’s the most important thing. Find out who you are, your advantages, disadvantages, and your possible ways of development.
2. Be commercially real. Find out what are your key skills to improve, what results you’d like to achieve, what are the indicators of your good work, etc.
3. Be a seller. The key to success is selling retail products to your clients. It’s extremely profitable so you have to understand it and improve your selling skills.
4. Sell a great experience. Selling isn’t always about selling goods, shampoos, hair tools, etc. First of all, you sell your services which eventually become a good client experience.
5. Make clients rebook. You have to work on the right rebooking approach which will make your clients rebook right before they leave your salon.
6. Use word of mouth. Sometimes advertising on social media can be very expensive, so let your clients do it for you. Offer them nice discounts if they bring their friends and relatives to the salon.
7. Mind the impact. Remember that everything you do is business, from the way you talk to the way you look.
8. Challenge yourself. Being in your comfort zone is nice but sometimes you have to step out of it in order to develop yourself as a professional!

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