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Unruly hair: hair care tips

Does moisture change the structure of the hair and spoil the hairstyle? Does your hair look unkempt without a hairdryer? If yes, then we’ve prepared for you some tips for taming unruly hair. Keep on reading!

Comb your hair correctly

If you really want to deal with unruly hair and flyaways, it's important to choose the right comb to prevent breakage. Switch to hair brushes with natural bristles: they not only provide gentle combing but also better distribute natural sebum throughout the hair, so it will be less frizzy.

The way you brush your hair is equally important. Professionals recommend combing your hair from the ends, gradually moving higher and higher to the roots. This way you damage your hair much less and you can better comb and detangle it along the entire length.

Lather shampoo on your scalp

Are you washing your hair correctly? This may seem like a strange question, but in fact, most women make mistakes at this stage of their haircare. When shampooing, don’t rub shampoo into your hair. Lather the shampoo with light massage movements on the scalp, distributing the resulting lather over the entire length of the hair. This is enough to make hair clean. Remember, excess friction damages your hair and adds frizz!

Use thermal protection

Of course, it’s impossible to completely refuse using stylers. A perfect way to stop moisture evaporation is to apply thermal protection to wet hair in order to add shine and help prevent breakage and split ends. You can also use a hair mask for curly hair and anti-frizz shampoo in order to keep your hair obedient and shiny!