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What do you need to know about trendy hair dyeings?

A person's appearance is unique, and new hair color can make it even more interesting. Modern hairdressing trends allow you to create any hair shades, and in this article, we will tell you which ones are the most popular in 2021! Keep on reading and find out more about the most creative hair dyeings of this year!
The main hair color trend in 2021 is a natural warm palette of colors, that is, the more natural the hair dyeing looks, the better. Among the techniques, color stretching is still relevant thanks to various options. You are free to choose from shatush, balayage, airtouch, babylights, and light strands by the face (the money piece).
This year, blondes have become even more beautiful – caramel, honey, wheat blond shades are super trendy. They are especially suitable for girls of warm color types.
Trendy copper hair shades with hues of cinnamon look like a beautiful and natural option of classic red color. Such shades look very impressive on light-eyed and fair-skinned girls.
If a girl doesn’t want to change her natural hair color but wants to make it more interesting, the stylist can "highlight" it - for example, with the effect of hair burnt out in the sun. It looks natural and will help to accentuate the true beauty of a woman.
This hair dyeing can be done with hair dye or using a bleaching powder - depending on how intense and bright the effect of burnt hair is required. We recommend using Braé Wanna Be Blond bleaching powder. It allows you to obtain the desired consistency for any hair dyeing technique, including balayage. This product is suitable for creating all shades of blonde! Besides, it makes your hair super shiny without damaging it. Wanna Be Blond, a dust-free bleach powder, that allows you to get a clear, light tone with up to nine lightening levels. Remember that hair mask after bleach will come in handy!

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