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Why do constant discounts and promos are bad for your salon?

Usually, a beauty salon has two ways of promotion. The first one is to become a slave to discounts and attract the wrong customers who only chase discounts. The second is to be so high-quality salon so that customers come to you without any discounts and promotions.

What does a client think when he sees discounts?

When a person sees a discount, it seems to him that the initial price is too high, this is a very expensive service. Thus, such a person will not come to you without a discount.

Discounts attract freebie seekers who can’t pay for the service in full. Do you want to constantly provide the best hair treatments for damaged hair at a discount? Do you want discount-seeking clients to be your target audience? Of course no! You want to have clients that can pay for the service.

There are other people, who don’t trust discounts. They think that in case of it low-quality materials are used, or that the student is performing the whole procedure such as liquid keratin hair treatment. These customers find discounts suspicious and don’t want to risk their beauty, so they will avoid such treatment.

You don't have to offer big discounts.  They can scare away customers who are ready to pay. However, if your target audience is students of a neighboring university, then discounts will attract them, but you will always have to support discount offers.

What does a beauty salon get with constant discounts

First of all - the dissatisfaction of staff and a small profit, not mentioning the low- quality audience – people who seek cheaper prices. They won’t return to the beauty salon without a promotion. As a result, you’ll be left with old equipment, a poor salon reputation, and annoyed staff.

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