Essential Hair Care

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The product that is essential for your everyday life, that matches all types of hair, and still has various forms of use? This is it - Essential Spray.

BRAÉ ESSENTIAL: perfect choice for those looking for a self-care routine in the most practical and versatile way possible! Repairs, moisturizes, protects, rebuilds and gives shine, the way your hair deserves.

Citrus notes, blackberry, apricot and the scent of flowers. The result of this combination of aromas in Essential is a delicious sensation!

BRAÉ ESSENTIAL has in its composition the most desired active of the moment: HYALURONIC ACID. Recognized for its many benefits and versatility, one of the advantages of using it in your hair care routine is to bring a high level of hydration to the strands that will help in retaining and fixing moisture in the hair fiber, conserving its softness, elasticity. and compensating for the negative effects caused by the Sun.

  • Protects the hair from the effects of ultraviolet (sunlight), which has a detrimental effect on the color and quality of the hair.
  • Thanks to its unique composition, Essential perfectly moisturizes the hair, makes it shiny, moisturized, strong and silky.
  • Developed using an innovative formula, this product provides silky, healthy-looking  hair.