Safe Coloring: Bond Angel Kit + Soul Color Booster Ampoule

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BOND ANGEL IS A COMPLETE RESTORATION OF THE NATURAL STRUCTURE AND QUALITY OF HAIR AT THE MOLECULAR LEVEL AFTER ANY CHEMICAL, THERMAL, OR MECHANICAL DAMAGE. It has quickly gained popularity and is actively used in the best beauty salons for coloring of any complexity. This is a unique, scientifically-formulated treatment for total protection of hair. Bond Angel products were developed by chemists and the effectiveness of the system is scientifically proven.

BOND ANGEL HELPS YOU ACHIEVE THE HAIR OF YOUR DREAMS. Its application restores your hair's natural beauty and strength, giving it a beautiful look and natural shine from root to tip. The active ingredients correct daily damage to the hair and very effectively maintain a high level of hair health after using this professional system.

THE MINI-FORMAT FOR COLORED HAIR GIVES A MULTITUDE OF EFFECTS. BEAUTIFUL HAIR IS HEALTHY HAIR. The valuable elixir is quickly gaining popularity due to its method of complex improvement of damaged hair in all parameters at once—nutrition, strengthening, and moisturizing of colored dry hair, protection, regeneration, an increase of color stability and saturation, and the ability to return strands of power, health, vitality, elasticity, softness, silkiness and luxurious shine.

THE PRODUCT PENETRATES DIRECTLY INTO THE COLORED HAIR STRUCTURE AND BEGINS ITS RESTORATIVE WORK TO ACHIEVE SUSTAINABLE RESULTS. The effect is immediate. The ampoule composition is absorbed, works to restore the structure, has a deep, nourishing, returns the lost health of the hair follicle, and reduces the sleep phase and activates the growth phase. This ampoule effectively combats dryness, brittleness, and dullness, saturating the skin and hair with revitalizing moisture.