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Bond Angel Matizador Blonde Balance Shampoo and pH Treatment

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The hair of luxurious blondes requires special care. Thinking about this, BRAÉ has ​​developed an exclusive line of toners. Bond Angel Blond Balance Matizador have unique formulas that effectively act on bleached strands to neutralize the yellow shade of the hair. Blond hair care products maintain brightness and color, protect hair from exposure to temperatures, and make them healthy and beautiful.

The main components:


Unique design for weakened hair.


The hair gets a deep recovery as the action is directed deep into each fiber. Moisturizing, softening, rejuvenating, and intensively nourishing each strand, it restores balance and health from the very roots.


Keratin restores hair, while giving it more strength and strength. The product is rich in amino acids and compensates for the loss of nutrients, giving curls softness and silkiness.


Panthenol has a potentially long-lasting moisturizing effect, retaining moisture in locks of hair. It helps to avoid split ends, as it restores and protects hair from roots to ends.

How to use:

Apply Blond Balance Shampoo to wet hair and leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Apply the Blond Balance System to your hair using a comb with frequent tines to evenly distribute the composition.

Leave on the hair for 5 to 20 minutes, in accordance with the desired tone. Rinse thoroughly.