Bond Angel Plex Effect, Bond Multiplier Treatment Kit for Bleaching and Coloring protection -500ml Step 1, 2, 2

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Brand: B R A É

UPC: 7898955134689


Very easy to use, Bond Angel co-creates perfect platinum blond hair with a flawless straight finish, alone or with any other chemical transformation, leaving the hair even stronger, healthier, and more gorgeous than before.

Bond Angel multiplies and protects the hair bonds, preventing damage and breakage. Therefore, it helps you to achieve the desired platinum blond or any other result of chemical transformation with safety and vitality to the hair, leaving it stronger than ever.

Bond Angel was developed to accomplish the desire for a more intense blond color. Bond Angel protects and prevents damage and has the primary function of restoring already damaged hair.


There are 3 products or 2 steps. The first product acts as a chemical protector, and the second acts as a post-chemical re-builder. This kit contains:

1 x Bond Maker

2 x Bond Reconstructor


  • Guaranteed maximum hair protection in any salon procedure.
  • Restores and enhances broken disulfide bonds in the hair.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Compatible with all chemical brands.
  • It does not increase the procedure time.
  • You can use Bond Angel as protection for any chemical process (color change, different techniques, keratin straightening, texture work, or perming).
  • It has no restrictions on use.
  • It does not contain harmful substances in its composition.
  • It does not lower oxide and cares well for the hair.
  • The result of your work will be perfect, and customers will be delighted.
  • The process of lightening, painting and other procedures does not take long. All procedures also work, as usual, even when working with high oxides, damaged/thin hair or when using heat.
  • Using Bond Angel in any procedure does not require any additional hair preparation or additional active protection care.