Bond Angel Plex Effect Blond Power Dose Treatment for All Hair Types 13 ml

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Introducing Power Dose BOND ANGEL - the game-changing hair treatment that utilizes cutting-edge Braé technology to restore your hair's disulfide bonds!

Our revolutionary formula boasts three times more concentrated ingredients, ensuring maximum effectiveness in repairing and revitalizing your hair. The secret lies in the powerful combination of cocoa, macadamia, and ojon oils that work synergistically to provide complete and essential nutrients for your hair's recovery from the damaging effects of lightening processes.

Source of unsaturated fatty acids

Ojon Oil

Eliminates the damaging effects of aggressive bleaching procedures.

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Source of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals

Macadamia Oil

Promotes renewal and speeds up cell metabolic processes while saturating your hair with oxygen.

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Extra nourishment and powerful hydration

Coconut Oil

Prevents the loss of natural keratin protein and strengthens cellular immunity.

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The power of cocoa, macadamia and ojon oils

Developed with the more modern Braé technology, Power Dose Bond Angel has three times more concentrated ingredients in its formulation. Two oils from cocoa, macadamia, and ojon, work in synergy to provide complete and essential substances for the recovery of disulfide bonds that are de-structured by lightening processes.

The product has nutritional properties that help rebuild and strengthen hair. Adding extreme shine and silkiness, it forms a film on the hair that promotes intense hydration, assists in restoring the hair fiber, and recovers natural lipids from damaged hair. Its nutrients and amino acids sustain the daily health and maintenance of the hair.

Bond Angel Plex Effect Blond Power Dose Treatment for All Hair Types 13 ml

$10.99 Sale Save
Size 1 pcs