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3 Ideas for Connecting with Your Clients Virtually

Nowadays we still have to work among the COVID-19 pandemic which is keeping its ground. In this hard time, we are seeking all the possible ways of staying connected with our clients even if we can’t talk to them and serve them personally. We invest in our online education, hold Zoom meetings, call our relatives and friends via Skype, so why not keep in touch with clients with the help of the same platforms?
We are sure that you keep in touch with many of your clients through Facebook. That’s great, as you have already drawn their attention, whether they’re liking and commenting on your posts or participating in your polls.
1. The pandemic is the perfect time to create a special Facebook group for your salon. It won’t be just a regular group, as you will invite your staff, your clients, your neighbors, even other owners of local businesses in your area. You can use such a platform not just for news highlighting but also for sharing your inspirational ideas which are so important now when people need to distract their minds from everything which is going on in today’s world.
2. You can add different useful tutorials in your group, teach your group members some interesting techniques, and give important tips on home hair care.
3. What about a live group event? It’s going to be a lot of fun, especially considering the fact that it’s Christmas time!

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