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How to Show Clients that Safety is Your Highest Priority

Are you ready to reopen your salon and show your clients that you are looking forward to meeting them again? Now it’s very important to show both your staff members and your clients that their health and safety is your #1 priority. Now you have a wonderful opportunity to become a Barbicide Certified Safe Service Establishment while supporting the Professional Beauty Association's COVID-19 Relief Fund.  
The Barbicide Certified Safe Service Establishment program was developed in order to ensure that many salons provide safe services both for the staff and the clients. Barbicide exists since 1947, it’s an industry standard for infection control products. This establishment created this certification particularly for salons, spas, and barbershops because all these places have to stick up to more than 20 standards in order to maintain the required infection control while working with clients.
What measures do these standards include?
- non-porous tools should be cleaned and disinfected before use;
- all disposable items should be disposed of right after use; 
- all employees should wash and disinfect their hands before and after each procedure.
Besides, all employees must pass the Barbicide Certification masterclass for individuals in order for the salon to successfully receive its credential.
That’s it! Barbicide is a real sign of your care for the clients. That’s exactly what each of them needs during this hard time because the risk of getting infected is still pretty high, yet everyone wants to be beautiful!

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