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Delicate Hair Contouring

We bet that you heard about contouring in makeup and have been successfully using this trick (thanks, Kim) for ages. However, hair contouring seems to be quite a new thing that gains its popularity in Hollywood faster than Netflix makes new TV-series. What’s the essence of this trend and why should you try it? Keep on reading and find it out!
Hair contouring is a whole set of haircare procedures consisting of a haircut, hair dying and hair styling using the game of light and shadow to achieve a particular visual effect. That is, this set can visually narrow the face or, for example, make the forehead smaller, soften the harsh facial features, focusing on other parts of the face, and covering certain areas with hair. Hair contouring is also called a new trend in hair dying. It helps to soften or sharpen the facial features and gives the face a healthy glow.
The melting dyeing technique will be one of the most popular hair trends in 2021. This is a modern and improved version of the ombre. What was the drawback of the classic ombre? When dying ombré hair, the stylist’s task was to achieve the nice and smooth transition from one color to another. However, it was so hard to do it even for experienced stylists! The transition was too rough. The Melting Highlights technique aims to fix this and make hair dyeing an easier process. Instead of two contrasting shades, you get a gentle smooth transition from one color to another. The secret is that when you create the Melting Highlights contrast, you add one color to another, mixing them and gradually making one of the colors fade, which allows you to achieve a smooth gradient transition. The shade seems to flow from one to another, as in a watercolor painting. Don’t forget that all watercolor paintings are drawn on a perfectly white sheet, so you should pay attention to the initial base in order to get the desired result and crystal shades!

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