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Hair Up to 3 Times Smoother With the New Leave-in Ten in One

Smooth and silky hair is a dream of any woman. Lots of them use a whole arsenal of different hair care products that sometimes cost almost a fortune. What if we tell you that there is only one product that can make your hair extremely soft and smooth? If you don’t believe us, keep on reading and find everything out yourself!
Divine seems to be one of the most popular Braé product lines consisting of many products for the daily haircare. Today we would like to focus on our innovative Divine Leave-in Ten in One.
The new Divine Leave-in Ten in One is a perfect combination of 10 repair powers, providing instant hair protection. Among the product’s effect are:
- hydration,
- hair shine,
- softness,
- anti-breakage effect,
- thermal protection,
- light styling,
- UV-protection,
- anti-frizz action,
Among the components of Leave-in Ten in One is a unique mixture of noble oils which provides maximum hydration, making your hair less frizzy. Coconut oil contains the most essential nutrients, which help to repair damaged hair.
Apply Divine Leave-in Ten-in-One on dry or wet hair. Start at the ends and move up your entire hair length. Don’t apply the product on hair roots. Don’t wash the product off.
This product will be a perfect hair care solution on sunny days, especially in summer. Due to UV-protection, it will prevent your hair from burning out in the blazing sun!

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