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Effective beauty salon promotion ideas

Did someone say “promotion”? That’s one of the key instruments in terms of clients’ attraction not just in the beauty industry but in many other industries as well. What are the best promotion ideas for your beauty salon? Keep on reading and find it out!
- Photo zone in a beauty salon. An idea for organizing a photo studio or photo zone in the salon is a great way to upgrade your salon. The main thing is that you need really good lighting. This not only creates a mood but also helps to take beautiful photos. Satisfied customers will gladly post such photos on social networks. What could be the best advertisement?
- SMS notification for feedback. Recommendations are the most tried and tested way to instill trust in people looking for information about your salon on the Internet. Reviews on various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Google are very important. For example, if there are a lot of positive reviews, your salon appears in Google Maps recommendations as a reliable and high-quality local business.
- Additional sales in the salon. Additional sale is an extra offer to the main service, which will be interesting for the client and will increase the average bill of the salon. For example, you can sell oil for hair and skin, bleaching powder for hair, frizz-free hair products, etc.