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Hair bleaching and further haircare

Hair bleaching is not a procedure that will make your hair shiny and healthy but still, it’s one of the most popular hair procedures in the world. What is the best bleaching option that will give you not just the perfect blonde but keep your hair healthy? Is there any special post-bleaching treatment? Keep on reading this article and find everything out!
Wanna be blonde? Then try our exclusive Wanna be blonde product line which contains the best bleaching products! Wanna Be Blond bleaching powder allows you to be 100% creative and try any hair dyeing technique you want! Besides, it gives your hair a gorgeous shine without damaging it. Wanna be blonde bleach powder is dust-free, which is a great bonus! Use this powder together with Wanna be blonde developer for the best result!
As a post-bleaching treatment, we recommend you Braé Divine deep repair mask. This is an oil mask, containing a blend of noble oils, such as coconut, avocado, and jojoba. It will nourish and revive your hair after bleaching. Besides, Divine product line has lots of other products like shampoo, a serum, a 10 in 1 leave-in, that will make your hair even more beautiful and healthy. Remember that 2-3 products of a single product line work better in a combination!

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