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What to choose: ombré or balayage?

Nowadays stylists are glad to offer women different options of hair dyeing that look gorgeous. One-color hair dyeing seems to be a matter of the past, as women prefer complex dyeings combining various techniques and shades. Among the most popular ones are ombré and balayage. What is the difference between them and what should you choose in order to look your best? Keep on reading and find it out!
The word "balayage" comes from the French language and is translated as "sweeping". This type of hair dyeing received this name for the way of applying hair dye. The stylist literally sweeps with a brush along individual hair strands. Separate curls become lighter along the entire hair length, while no foil or film is used, thus, the dye works in the open air. The shade transitions are so smooth that they are almost invisible. Balayage also has its advantages:
- Perfect option for those who aren’t ready to dramatically change their look.
- The transition between natural hair color and dyed curls is very smooth, no permanent correction is required.
The essence of the ombre is as follows: half of your hair from the roots will have its own natural shade, and you are free to dye the other half as you like. You can choose either a similar tone or contrasting, or just bright. The main thing is that the color transition is pretty soft but visible and the color becomes more vivid on the hair ends. The combination of several colors is welcome for the most daring and bold women.
So, if you would like just to slightly change your hair look, choose balayage, if you are ready for something more substantial, then ombré is exactly what you need!

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