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How Bond Angel Helps during Bleaching Process

Hair bleaching is a process that always associated with excessive hair damage and the following hair brittleness. However, blondes used to take such risks for beauty's sake. You don’t have to do it anymore! Braé is glad to introduce you a Bond Angel Treatment that will save your hair during not just bleaching but many other procedures as well! Are you excited? Keep on reading then!

What are the functions of Bond Angel? It multiplies and protects your natural hair bonds preventing them from breaking.

If you use Bond Angel for bleaching, we recommend adding 2 ml of Bond Maker for every 10 g of bleaching powder used. As you can see, everything is very simple! In the kit, you will get not just Bond Maker but a 2 x Bond Reconstructor.

Bond Maker acts as a chemical protector, and Bond Reconstructor acts as a post-chemical re-builder. This kit will protect your hair before any salon procedure enhancing its effect! It doesn’t contain any harmful substances in its compositions. Besides, it doesn’t increase the overall procedure time. As a result, you will get gorgeous shiny healthy hair as it was never colored, permed, or bleached! Try to Bond Angel yourself and see the amazing result!

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