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How to boost salon business in the New Year…

Of course, you have many bookings in December because it’s Christmas time and every woman wants to look and feel her best but are you happy with your January bookings? If you feel that your salon business isn’t profitable enough in January, keep on reading and find out how you can fix it!
First of all, start the New Year New You promotional campaign. In January after the lavish Christmas clients want to refresh their looks for a whole new year ahead, so why not to help them?
Secondly, what about some discounts? After the Christmas season of retail, your business definitely won’t suffer. On the contrary, discounts and promos will help you to attract some new clients. Offer reduced prices on days when you don’t have many clients, for example on Tuesday or Wednesday. Choose only several services for a discount, you don’t have to reduce the prices of all your services!
There is one mistake that many salon owners and managers make: they don’t announce their sales until New Year. We recommend you start your promotions in November and marketing hard right up to the moment you close on Christmas Eve!

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