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What type of blonde shade is right for you?

Every woman is beautiful and unique, but the image of a sexy blonde doesn’t leave indifferent either men or even women themselves. Bright and outstanding natural blonde beauties, unfortunately, are quite rare today, so modern technologies in the beauty industry came to the aid of women offering different hair dyes.
In order to decide that you would like to dramatically change your look from a hot brunette to a platinum blonde, you need to have certain courage and, of course, visit a beauty salon. Here the professionals will help you choose the right shade of blonde, professionally bleach, and dye your hair in the right color.
In order to find the right shade of blond, you need to consider your natural hair color, skin tone, and eye color. For girls with fair skin, we recommend cool, radiant, bright, shades of blonde, like platinum or ash blond. Girls with a darker skin color can enjoy warm golden blonde shades.
Girls with dark skin should pay attention to more saturated and dark blonde shades. Determining your color type, "summer", "spring", "autumn" or "winter" can help you to do it.
"Summer" - light skin, light brown ashy hair, eyes - green, gray, light blue, or light brown.
"Spring" - light translucent skin with a peach or milky subtone, blonde hair with a golden, amber, or wheat subtone, eyes - light green, blue or gray.
“Autumn” - the skin is dark, beige, with freckles, the hair is red, the eyes are brown or green.
"Winter" - brown of brunette hair, eyes - dark brown, green-brown, light blue, the skin is very light or with an olive-gray subtone.

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