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How to increase sales in a beauty salon by correctly organizing a showcase

Many beauty salons have arranged showcases where there are all products sold in the salon, like blond shampoo and conditioner. In some salons, showcases stand in the right places, and in some, they are hidden behind, a sink or behind the receptionist desk. How can you properly arrange a show desk so that your sales increase? Keep on reading and find it out!

A showcase in a beauty salon performs several tasks:

- retail sales
- building the reputation of the products and salon;
- placement of stock warehouse

We have noticed that many salon owners pay little attention to the showcases. They just place them at random spots without caring about customers to see them. This is the main mistake! For products to be bought, a showcase should attract attention, be clean, accessible and make the client want to come to it and check the products presented.

Don’t place the showcase:

- behind the receptionist’s desk. In this case, no one will steal the products, but at the same time, a potential buyer won’t be able to come up and see what products you sell even if he wants to!

- near the front door. This area is noticeable but produces zero effect on sales. Customers always pass by it without noticing your products. When they arrive at your salon, they usually need nothing but still can be interested in some things in your showcase. However, when customers leave, they are already distant in their thoughts and won’t likely buy anything at all!

- in the form of the shelves on the walls. Such a showcase is perceived by people as part of the interior. It may simply not be noticed by your customers.

Where is the best area for the showcase?

The purpose of a showcase is to attract attention. It looks very harmonious when each shelf is highlighted and the light is adjusted so that in terms of brightness and color, it stands out against the background of the general lighting of the beauty salon. In this case, the color of the showcase and the lighting should fit into the interior of the room.

The best places are:

- next to the receptionist’s desk
- near the chill-out zone